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Est. in 2010


We believe in the American Dream.  Owning and selling land is part of that dream. Land is also a difficult asset to sell. Our knowledge and expertise in the asset class gives sellers an easy option to exit, and buyers an opportunity to buy their own piece of dirt.

  • Taxes owed

  • Large acreage

  • Small acreage

  • Liens against

  • Lost paperwork

  • Title issues

  • No utilities

  • Partially/fully developed

We buy it all!


Contact us to get a fast cash offer and close.

We look forward to assisting!

Minty Properties Land Investors


Property Analysis

We're data people at heart and it shows. We review your property head-to-toe to give you the best cash offer possible. 

Purchase Agreement

Once a purchase agreement is signed, due diligence is performed on the property while title prepares the closing process. We handle all paperwork!


We work with attorneys, title companies, notaries, surveyors - basically everything needed to button up the sale. Again, we handle all paperwork!

How we got here


We actually had our own piece of land once, deep in the Colorado woods.  It turns out our family grew, and plans to go backcountry were placed on hold.

Meanwhile, we kept paying property tax​, dealing with tent campers, and keeping up with paperwork. It was time to get rid of our land, but we didn't know how. This is when we decided to learn land.

We know life changes.  We know landowners sometimes need a quick exit.  Land is a tangible asset, but not very liquid. That's where we come in.

If you have the patience to sell your property at peak market value, we encourage it. But if you want cash in days with a quick close, leave it to us. Tax issues, title issues, boundary disputes... it doesn't matter.  We can help!



1) Will this offer be similar to market value?

The legal work, marketing cost, knowledge and time required to sell property is a service. We price your lot according to the local market it belongs in. 

2) Can I recover losses against my land?

Yes. You can write off the difference of the price paid (adjusted cost) – (sale price) against your current year’s income. 

3) How long does the process take?

We can have CASH to you in 5 business days (depending on title).

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