Lead Submittal Criteria and Finder Fee Agreement Form

Submitted Leads Must Meet The Following Criteria:

  • House address

  • House owner name

  • House owner address

  • Not listed on MLS

  • At least 1200 square feet

  • Minimum of 3 bedrooms

  • Picture of house

  • At least one "distress feature":

    • Overgrown landscaping

    • Interior/Exterior damage

    • Code Violation

    • Unmaintained

    • Vacant

By signing up for this Cash Reward Program, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Finder understands and agrees that s/he is working as an independent contractor at his/her own expenses and risk in order to find information about real estate properties and submitting them as “Leads” to the Company (Minty Properties LLC).

  • If such lead is not known to Company nor listed with a real estate broker yet and results in a purchase with either Company or Company’s assigns, the Finder will in consideration for his/her efforts receive a “Finder’s Fee” reward from The Company upon completion of the purchase transaction.  A $500 reward will be awarded for the first 5 properties purchased.  $750 for properties 6-10.  $1000 for 11+ properties.  This is to encourage an ongoing working relationship. $5 per lead will be paid to properties that meet the criteria outlined above.  The Company reserves the right to use its discretion as to whether or not a lead meets the aforementioned criteria.

  • The above Finder’s Fee shall be due and payable in full by Company at such time as a Purchase Agreement between the Company or Company’s assigns and the owner of the property is executed.

  • Finder understands that the Company is under no obligation to purchase from any lead(s) that may be introduced to the Company by the Finder.

  • Finder understands and agrees that s/he will only provide basic property information to the Company. Finder will under no circumstances discuss the details of any transaction nor provide any services that require a real estate license.  Finder agrees to not to participate in or conduct any negotiations with prospects, or solicit loans on behalf of prospects. 

  • If finder earns $600 or more during any calendar year, The Company will issue a 1099 IRS form for tax purposes as required by law.